Natural Healing and Prevention With Diet & Lifestyle

radishThis is a natural radish. It is one of my wife’s favorite veggies. I like it too.

Please note that everything you see can be eaten, including the root. Some supermarkets throw away radish greens. They are delicious and great for you!

There are so many other great veggies, which you can either grow yourself, pick up at the farm, or get at the grocery store. They help create your health.

We have studied natural diet and lifestyle for healing for more than 30 years. We are happy to assist you, for a small fee, sometimes for barter.  The main thing is we care about our community, and want to see changes in how Americans eat and live, so everyone can be healthier and happier.

Food Offerings:

  • Cooking Classes
  • Natural Food Tastings
  • Recipes, Coaching, Resources
  • Organic Meals Delivered
  • Try Sweet Vegetable Drink 

Learn to cook; enjoy nature—live longer! Call David now

STARTER KIT—$99 (free shipping in USA; Add $10 Int’l)

  • 5 Super Foods (Ume plum, shiitake mushroom, daikon radish, miso paste, brown rice)
  • Customized Letter With Intro and Health Tips from David
  • 10 Recipes (soup, salad, entree and dessert plus BONUS of healing tonic
  • 25% off all services forever

PAYMENTSPayPal—; Cash App—508-333-4153;

  • U.S. Mail—David Kagan, 9 Spring Lane, Framingham, MA 01701




Take Our Natural Living Course:

    • Lower Your Carbon Footprint By 50%
    • Go Organic With Going Broke or Crazy
    • Learn About Composting & Recycling & Transition
    • Improve Your Karma, Reduce Suffering, Live Longer

$99 Individual • $199 Family • $499 Corporate

  • Certified in Plant Based Nutrition from eCornell
  • Graduate, Transition Network Course
  • 25 years Coaching & Teaching Natural Healing & Prevention
  • Many contacts, clients, partners and resources

Be healthy and save the world! email David now!

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